The story of Yidarra begins in 1982 when a steering committee was formed to set in motion the beginnings of a new school. The initial focus was on the capital development of the site and later timelines were set for choosing a name, motto, uniform and the selection of a principal.

staff_1985On 18th June 1984, Sr Maura Kelleher was appointed as the Foundation Principal. Sr Maura, a member of the order of the Sister of Mercy, had an extensive background of nearly 25 years of experience teaching in Perth and the south-west of W.A. She also had immediate past experience of six years as Founding Principal at St Jude’s Catholic Primary School in Langford.

Yidarra opened its doors to students on 12th February 1985. There were two classes of pre-primary students and four primary classes – two Year 1s, a Year 2 and a Year 3/4. The first stage of buildings also included an administration block. Stage Two – another four classrooms and the library, was ready in 1986.

yidarra-80sOver the years Yidarra has gradually grown larger as more students have been enrolled and buildings have been added. Four more classrooms were established in 1987, and occupied in 1988. The next stage, consisting of two classrooms, a multi-purpose room, a teacher’s support room and a Canteen was completed in 1989. During 1995 a second Pre-Primary was completed, along with a new staff room and administrative facilities. In 1999 the Kindergarten programme commenced. The undercover area and new additions to the administration building were completed in 2005. A pre-kindergarten programme for 3 year olds was initiated in 2010. On 28 July 2011, Yidarra’s refurbished library, a new computer lab and two kindergarten classrooms were opened and blessed at an official ceremony.

In reflecting on its beginnings, Yidarra broke new ground in many ways and the promise it held of being a modern, Catholic primary school of high ideals, has certainly been realized. The achievements of the past are due to the efforts of the whole community and recognition and thanks must go to each and everyone involved, including the wonderful students, parents and staff, past and present who have been at the centre of all that has happened. The community of Yidarra, symbolized in the growing tree is vibrant, strong and flourishing. Yidarra’s future is a bright and hopeful one based on a solid foundation.