School Name

‘Yidarra’ (pronounced like Pinjarra) is a word from the language of the Noongah Aboriginal people, the original inhabitants of the South West of Western Australia, which loosely translated, means in the act of going upward’ and is directly linked to our school motto of ‘grow, shine, become’. The name of the school was suggested by Noel Morich, a local Catholic Aboriginal educator, and a member of the Noongah community.


The image of the tree is a fitting symbol of our spiritual growth.  It also represents the physical and intellectual development of our children, as well as the personal and collective growth of the whole school community – teachers, children & parents.

Grow Shine Become

The triangle in which the school crest is set represents the Holy Trinity, and illustrates the strength of God’s presence in the school.


Grow  Shine Become


Grow in our Learning

Grow- We aim for our students to grow and achieve success spiritually,

academically, emotionally, socially and physically.


Shine like a Star

Shine- We aim for our students to be inspired through learning, to be

positive, resilient and confident in order to develop their talents and



Become like Jesus

Become- We aim for our students to develop a relationship with God, to

share his message and contribute to make our school and world a

better place.