Early Childhood Information

Our Early Years (PK-PP) Philosophy

Emotional Wellbeing: At Yidarra we believe children’s emotional wellbeing flourishes when they feel safe, secure, valued, acknowledged, respected and feel a sense of competence. Children adapt and deal with challenges, build resilience and coping skills when they interact with people and materials in a nurturing, stimulating and fulfilling environment.

In our classes you will expect to see:

  • A safe environment where each child’s uniqueness is valued
  • Students being given the opportunity to take risks, develop skills and succeed
  • Positive and purposeful interactions
  • Celebrations for birthdays, successes and achievements
  • Encouraging social skills, friendships, social justice and a sense of belonging

Academic Expectations: At Yidarra we believe in the importance of children becoming life- long learners. We believe all children are capable of learning.  High standards are expected of the children to ensure each child reaches their potential. At Yidarra we value the acquisition of strong foundation skills and understandings which facilitate smooth transitions into later school years.

In our classes you will expect to see:

  • Children motivated and engaged in learning
  • Consistent routines and clear expectations.
  • Children reaching their potential and provisions for those requiring extension and remediation.


independantIndependent Learning:  At Yidarra we believe children need confidence to “have a go” and develop independence as a learner and problem solver.   We believe children need to develop the concentration and motivation to be interested and actively engaged in their learning. Children need to feel secure in their learning environment and learn in the company of others. Children’s learning must be holistic and cover a broad range of concepts, skills and understandings.

In our classes you will expect to see:

  • Children demonstrating confidence and having a go
  • Children questioning, inquiring, problem solving and developing independence
  • Promotion of tolerance and the accepting of diversity and respectful interactions
  • Early intervention for those experiencing difficulties
  • Children experiencing success and being proud of their accomplishments.