Class Representatives

Parents & Friends Class Representatives

Each class has at least one parent representative. The purpose of this position is to assist the P&F committee to work and communicate effectively with the whole parent body, not just those able to attend monthly meetings. The Class Reps are available to raise issues on your behalf which relate to P&F matters. The Class Reps will advise parents of social or educational events and help organise informal class social gatherings for parents.

Role Description

The role of the P&F Class Representative is a significant one in the efficient running of the P&F Association at our school. Through the work done by the class reps we aim to enhance the pastoral care offered by Yidarra to each family and to ensure that we remain a welcoming and inclusive community.

The responsibilities of the class reps are:

  • To facilitate the flow of information between the P&F and the parents in a particular class. The use of class bulletin boards is acceptable for this purpose. Any written correspondence to parents should be cleared by the President of the P&F Association who will then seek clearance from the Principal.
  • To organise informal social gatherings so that parents can interact. Some year levels conduct morning teas while others prefer dinners or family picnics.
  • To ensure that new families to a particular class are made to feel welcome to the school community.
  • To assist P&F event organisers throughout the year as requested.

While the role is one where class reps may communicate parents’ concerns and issues to the P&F Committee, it is important to emphasise that this relates only to P&F matters. All matters pertaining to individual child or classroom issues remain the concern of the Principal. Class reps should encourage direct communication between individual parents and the Principal in these cases.

The list of Class Representatives for 2018 are available here.